Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog
Lithobates kauffeldi

Common Name:

Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog   - Audio Source: Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Scientific Name:

Lithobates kauffeldi



Lithobates is Greek, Litho means "A stone", bates means "One that walks or haunts."


kauffeldi named after herpetologist Carl Frederick Kauffeld

Average Length:

2 - 3.5 in. (5.1 - 9 cm)

Virginia Record Length:

Record length:

The Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog (Lithobates kauffeldi) has a dark femoral reticulum whereas northeastern populations of the Southern Leopard Frog (Lithobates sphenocephalus) typically have a light reticulum This diagnostic was 100% consistent in L. kauffeldi from NY and NJ and was 88.6% consistent in L. sphenocephalus from NJ. The diagnostic value of this character may be limited to northern regions, however, leopard frogs predominantly exhibit a dark reticulum across portions of the Southeast where L. sphenocephalus is broadly distributed. The usefulness of this diagnostic feature in Virginia has not been established.

Lithobates kauffeldi may be further distinguished from L. sphenocephalus by a tympanic spot that is typically duller, less well-defined, and rarely pure white as in L. sphenocephalus and from L. palustris by pale inner thighs without deep yellow coloration and round, unaligned dorsal spots.

To further complicate identification, preliminary DNA evidence supports hybridization between L. kauffeldi and L. sphenocephalus in Virginia.

References for Life History

Lithobates kauffeldi - dark state
Lithobates sphenocephalus - light state

Lithobates kauffeldi - yellow variant
Lithobates kauffeldi - green variant

A male Lithobates kauffeldi emitting its primary (advertisement) call in foreground with
several other males calling in background (along with high-pitched Pseudacris crucifer).

Likely Virginia Range

Verified County/City Occurrence

Accomack County
Charles City County
Isle of Wight County
New Kent County
Northampton County
Southampton County
Suffolk City
Surry County
Sussex County
Verified in 9 Counties/Cities.

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